Deadpan (Ep34)

Jessica investigates the murder of a french drama critic who reviewed a play based on one of her novels.

Tres bien.


Dj Bilbao said...

Fockewulf 190 - Body Heat
Martin Dupont - Hot Paradox
Première Classe - La Fille Quit Rit
Ministry - I Wanted to Tell Her (Cold Trax Mix)
Bobby 0 - All People are the Same
Moev - In your head
Oppenheimer Analysis - The Devil's Dancers
Gina X Performance - Kaddish
Nite Lite - Young Men (Club Version)
Chandra - Kate
Ronny - If You Want Me to Stay
Nini Raviolette - Suis-je Normale

PB said...

That Ministry track...SO GOOD!

Anonymous said...

pump up the volume Bilbao.

I can't get the same volume in my speakers as other podcasts.

this message will self-destruct

Dj Bilbao said...

I completed this one on a bus.


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