Menace Anyone? (Ep38)

Jessica is honorary chairperson at a charity tennis tournament where she gets reacquainted with cigarettes. After a night of heavy drinking and smoking, two murders take place, and Jessica has to sift through a maze of clues to find the truth and clear an innocent woman.



Dj Bilbao said...

The Scientists - Frantic Romantic
Really 3rd's - Everyday, Everyway
The Vibrators - Baby, Baby
Mental As Anything - The Nips are Getting Bigger
Bona Dish - Fractured Heart
The Manikins - Premonition
The Plimsouls - Everyday Things
Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love?
The Damned - Neat Neat Neat (John Peel Session)
Smoking Popes - Need You Around
Mission of Burma - Academy Fight Song
The Replacements - Bastards of Young
My Teenage Stride - That Should Stand for Something
The Wipers - Misfit
The Misfits - Hollywood Babylon
Wire - 106 Beats That
Chron Gen - Jet Boy Jet Girl
A-lines - Four
Matrimony - Frantic Romantic


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