Murderonomy 101 (Ep56)

Jessica and her friends get stoned on the cheeb in preparation for their cosmic laser journey at the Cabot Cove planetarium. After much muffled laughter, the lights come on and the mysteries of the universe are resolved... But the mystery of the lifeless body beside her has her baffled... and hungry.

It's better to burn up than fade away.

Playlist in comments.


DJ.P. Fletcher said...

Features excerpts from Bernard Herrmann's Solar Diamonds, and the films "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Mystery of Time" (1957), and "Solar System(2nd Ed)" (1977)
Alan Burnham - Science Fiction
Oppenheimer Analysis - Science
Jyl - Silicon Valley
Video Club - Lost Time
Stereo - Somewhere in the Night (extended)
Vivien Vee - Gotta Go
Guyvers Connection - La Transformation
Max Justus - Seven
Vita Noctis - Alone
Mister X - TGV
Sudeten Creche - Are Kisses out of Fashion
Anna - Systems Breaking Down (Dance Version)


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