Reflections of the Mind (Ep81)

A good friend of Jessica fears for her sanity. Jessica ignores her because she is tired and worried about other things.

The last thing she remembers...

Playlist in comments.


DJ.P. Fletcher said...

The Beatles - Sun King
Aphrodite's Child - Marie Jolie
The Addrisi Brothers - Time to Leave
Lewis and Clark - Blue Revelations
The Fault Line - High Coin
The Aerovons - The Years
Ramases & Selket - (In My) Mind'es Eye
Noel Harrison - Windmills of Your Mind
Gentrys - Giving Love (Never Hurt Anybody)
Turtles - The Last Thing I Remember
White Noise - FireBird
Susan Christie - For the Love Of A Soldier
Delaney & Bonnie - Groupie (Superstar)
The Four King Cousins - God Only Knows
Joan Baez - (Here's to You) Nicola and Bart


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