A Very Good Year For Murder (Ep87)

Murder intrudes on a wealthy vintner's new year's eve party, and Jessica begins one of the most personally difficult investigations of her career.

I'll keep on loving you.

Playlist in comments.


DJ.P. Fletcher said...

jj - Ecstasy
Walter Jones - I'll Keep On Loving You
Yacht - Psychic City (Classixx Remix)
Metronomy - Not Made For Love (Fletcher Mix)
Fool's Gold - Nadine (Memory Tapes Remix)
The Presets - The Girl and The Sea
The XX - Shelter (The Jeans Drum Edit)
Washed Out - Feel it All Around
Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms
Paul Dempsey - Ramona Was A Waitress (Faux Pas Remix)
Discovery - So Insane

nicole said...

Peter! This one is soooo gooooood!

(hilarious sidenote - I'm pretty cheeched & chonged & the word verification word I have to type in is 'hurbal'. lol!)

M. said...

I dig, I dig!


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