Lady of the Lake (Ep. 94)

Special Haunting Guest-cast from talented artist Maryanne Casasanta!

While spending time at a lake, Jessica dreams that she sees a woman off into the distance in the water struggling to come to surface.

Playlist below.


DJ.P. Fletcher said...

The Tower Recordings - Delmak-o
Cluster and Eno - Schöne Hände
Fotheringay - Two Weeks Last Summer
The Sound of Feeling - Up Into Silence
Beverly Glenn Copeland - Ghost
Piero Umiliani - Pelle di Luna
Barbara & Ernie - Listen to your Heart
Christine Harwood - Never knew what Love was
Wendy & Bonnie - By the Sea
Colleen - Summer Water
Basil Kirchin - Heart of the North
Jefferson Airplane - Comin' Back to Me
Nelson Angelo e Joyce - Tudo Comeca de Novo

anne said...

the link doesn't work! : (

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! I just clicked on the link and it worked.

Saelan said...

MASSIVE big ups to that Tower Recordings song. that's one of my favourite unheard jams t put on mixtapes. :)

Plus Colleen, Basil Kirchin, and Joyce? Wonderful stuff.

jennilee said...

amazing mix! made my monday.


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