Trials and Tribulations pt1 (Ep102)

Jessica opens her eyes. It's nighttime and it's cold.
She's standing in a furcoat in an unknown clearing of land, surrounded by trees.

Far up ahead she can make out the lights of a sprawling city, obscured by the heavy snowfall and dense foliage.
Behind her in the woods she can sense something sinister - and although she doesn't want to - her wild curiosity forces her to turn around. She can see her footsteps emerging from the trees to where she now stands, the snow prints stained with blood.

Jess examines herself to check for wounds and finds nothing. As she puts her hands into the pockets of her jacket, she feels something slice the fatty part of her palm. Carefully she pulls out a bloody scapel. She stares at it for awhile, wondering what's happened, where she is, what she might have done... then drops it into the snow.

She turns toward the city and begins to walk into the woods.

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DJ.P. Fletcher said...

Twin Shadow - Castles in the Snow
Puro Instinct - Stilyagi
Pure Ecstasy - Voices
Lower Dens - Tea Lights
Indian Jewelry - Excessive Moonlight
Balam Acab - See Birds
Soft Powers - just like tropica-L
Star Slinger - Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins Rework)
The Minks - Kusmi
Soft Powers - Gummi
Tamaryn - Love Fade
John Maus - Do Your Best

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