Crimson Harvest (Ep84)

It's harvest time in Cabot Cove. While the residents tend to their fields, Jessica becomes moody and reflective. With no field of her own to reap she begins to realize how empty the Cove can feel during this season. But after a week when the streets are still barren, Jess discovers that someone or something is reaping more then just the corn.

Just because.

Playlist in comments.


DJ.P. Fletcher said...

Solid Space - A Darkness in My Soul
Bal Paré - La Vie
Nightmoves - Transdance (7" version)
Linear Movement - Way Out of Living
Tres - Operator
Absolute Body Control - Melting Away
Roland Sebastian Faber - Molecular Master
Paul Celan - zähle die mandeln
Martin Dupont - Just Because (1985 Remix)
Xeno and Oaklander - Céleste
Moderne - Mercenaire Solitaire
Buzz - Picasso (demo)
Corps Diplomatique - Les Métamorphoses
The West City 5 - Marion's flight

Kinetic form said...


The Man From Another Place said...

Nice selection of tracks!

DJ.P. Fletcher said...



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