Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (Ep98)

It's still humid. Jessica is outside on her balcony cooling off when her doorbell rings. She covers herself quickly with a robe and runs downstairs to greet her visitor, hoping it's her date from earlier in the evening. Opening the door she is greeted instead by her mysterious new neighbor who asks to borrow a cup of sugar. Jessica, puzzled by the current circumstances of his request, pauses to think of a polite response.

A gun shot goes off next door, startling both of them. The man takes advantage of her shocked state and pushes himself into the house and onto her. A struggle ensues. His hands creeping around her neck.

If bein' afraid is a crime, we hang side by side.

Playlist below.


DJ.P. Fletcher said...

Labyrinth Ear - Snow White
Hyetal - Phoenix
Laura Veirs - July Flame (Alvin Risk Remix)
Crystal Castles - Suffocation
Benny Benassi, Kelis, APL & Jean Baptiste - Spaceship (Kris Menace Dub Remix)
Chromeo - Night by Night (Kill Them With Color Remix)
Labryinth Ear - Navy Light
The Wörk - Just Talk (Skatebaard Remix)
Kindness - Swinging Party

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this!

M. said...

LOVE this one

Mistress said...



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