Ever After (Ep99)

Driving away from Jessica's house, Harry reflects on his date. He thinks it went well, but is puzzled why didn't she invite him inside? Did he say something wrong at dinner? Was there someone else in her life... maybe Amos? Maybe it was the suit he wore? He must have done something wrong or else he'd be with her, wrapping his arms around her petite figure.

Harry pulls his car over at the side of the road, just south of Baker Street to focus his thoughts. The volume is low on the radio but he still manages to make out lyrics over the hum of the motor. His heart winced at the thought of all they've been through. They've been friends for over five years. He was in love, stone cold... and he knew it. But did Jessica feel the same?

He musters up the strength to turn the car around and confront her with his feelings. As he approaches her house he notices a oddily familiar looking man at her front door. Was this why she didn't invite him inside? No wait, who is that?! Harry watches as another man approaches from the neighbouring house wielding a weapon.

He knows who these men are. Harry pulls his gun out of his glovebox, quietly steps out of his car and takes aim.

I'm about to take you to the moon.

Playlist below.


DJ.P. Fletcher said...

Jesse Woods - Sparks
Twin Sister - Lady Daydream
Evenings - Babe (Prizes Remix)
Wild Nothing - Chinatown
The Radio Dept. - Never Follow Suit
Solid Gold - Who You Gonna Run To?
SLEEP ∞ OVER - Outer Limits
Girls Names - Falling (Twin Peaks Theme)
Warpaint - Billie Holiday

Marinka said...

I love it! your blog has such a nice concept

DJ.P. Fletcher said...

Thankyou! Much appreciated :)

Kinetic form said...

Nice re-design! Catching up on my MSP! :P

M. said...

That Twin Sister song is SO GOOD, right?!!?! LOVE IT


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