Ballad for a Blue Lady (Ep.100)

Jessica wakes in her bathroom tub. The water is very cold, with melting ice cubes in it. She can't move and she can't speak, but she doesn't panic.

Her eyes focus on a man leaning against the sink watching her — the one responsible. He doesn't say anything but smiles in a perverted way that makes the water feel even colder. Her eyes look beyond the man into her bedroom. Harry sits gagged in a chair, his arms bound behind him and his face wet with tears. His pressed shirt has the spattering of blood. The man lets out a laugh when he sees her notice Harry. "You're gonna watch her die for killing my partner and ruining my life, asshole."

He heads downstairs to get more icecubes, leaving Harry and Jessica alone. Harry rubs frantically at the twine binding him to the chair. Jessica closes her eyes as the sound of footsteps make their way up the stairs again. She can feel herself fading into lifelessness. As the man enters the bathroom and empties ice into the bathtub, she opens her eyes to look at Harry one last time, but he isn't in the chair.

Harry appears behind the man, a glass vase filled with flowers coming down on the man's head. As the man falls over, he grabs him by his ears and rams his head into the toilet, making sure to make contact with his forehead and the porcelain. The man stops moving. The toilet water is red.

He quickly turns around and pulls Jessica's cold body out of the water. He wraps her in towels, drying her off as best he can, and holds her close to him. "Come on Jess... Come on.. Stay with me..."

He begins to sob as he dances with her limp body around the bedroom. Her heartbeat has stopped.

On and On (Fear Keeps On)

Playlist below.


DJ.P. Fletcher said...

Contains audio excerpts from Patricia Cornwell's The Book of the Dead and Delia Derbyshire & Barry Berma's The Dreams

Decadance - On and On (Fears Keeps On) Dub Version
Cosmetics - The Cries
Absolute Body Control - Do You Feel it Inside?
Linear Movement - The Game
Xeno and Oaklander - Céleste
The Steve Miller Band - Threshold
Jeff & Jane Hudson - Help Me
Anne Clark - Sleeper in Metropolis
Antena - The Boy From Ipanema
Martin Dupont - Shake Your Flowers
Deux - Dance With Me

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Kinetic form said...
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Kinetic form said...

Good one and congrats on your efforts!

Come this Thursday to BOT BOT BOT this Thursday! :) -!/event.php?eid=133115500073932

r said...

coldwave + storytime = dreamboat playlist!!

Marinka said...

great story ^^ I just discovered your blog so my question might be a bit silly, but are you the one writting those stories ? :)

DJ.P. Fletcher said...

Hi Marinka,
Question is not silly at all.

Unless it's labelled a guest-cast. It's all me. Thanks for listening :)

M. said...

Another WINNAAA! Luv your mixes, dood.

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Phil Cosby said...
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speciessarah said...

another amazing job, and congrats on the 100th episode!!!

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hi! wow! AWESOME! this episode is kicking it just right.
happy 100 and thanks for what you do. love your concept and your playfulness.


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