Double Exposure (Ep105)

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Trials and Tribulations Pt.2 (Ep104)

The Dream Team (Ep103)

Harry holds Jessica's hand between his. He sits by her side in the Cabot Cove hospital room patiently waiting for a sign, a movement, something... anything. It's been several weeks since the horrific incident at her house and the doctor's are uncertain as to when, or if, she'll come out of the coma. Harry remains optimistic – visiting everyday, remaining by her side whenever he can.

Today, Harry has brought roses and a special mix tape. He pulls out her old Walkman from his coat pocket and gently puts the earbuds in her ears.

"Happy Valentine's Day Jess," he whispers, and kisses her on the forehead as he depress the play button.

Someone dies in the adjoining room.

Trials and Tribulations pt1 (Ep102)

Jessica Fletcher Died Here... Possibly (Ep101)

Suddenly it's very cold. Jessica feels herself being drawn upward... weightless. She looks down and sees Harry, slumped on the floor holding her body sobbing. Her bedroom is covered with broken glass, turned over chairs and the blooding remains of her murderer...

Higher up now...
She can see the outside of her house and the crowd of neighbours gathered outside her front gate, most likely alarmed by the shots... in the distance police cars and an ambulance speed through the streets of Cabot Cove towards her house.

As she moves higher, she can see the entire city where she's spent most of her life. There is no sense of sadness, she feels satisfied with the life she's lead and the number of murders she's helped to solve. Her only regret is the way she left matters with Harry. But it's too late now...

She turns her head upwards...


...toward the warm and welcoming light.

Bright, Bright, Bright.

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Dedicated to the recent passing of my Nonna and anyone else who's lost someone close to them this year.

Ballad for a Blue Lady (Ep.100)

Jessica wakes in her bathroom tub. The water is very cold, with melting ice cubes in it. She can't move and she can't speak, but she doesn't panic.

Ever After (Ep99)

Driving away from Jessica's house, Harry reflects on his date. He thinks it went well, but is puzzled why didn't she invite him inside?

Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (Ep98)

It's still humid. Jessica is outside on her balcony cooling off when her doorbell rings. She covers herself quickly with a robe and runs downstairs to greet her visitor, hoping it's her date from earlier in the evening. Opening the door she is greeted instead by her mysterious new neighbor who asks to borrow a cup of sugar. Jessica, puzzled by the current circumstances of his request, pauses to think of a polite response.

A gun shot goes off next door, startling both of them. The man takes advantage of her shocked state and pushes himself into the house and onto her. A struggle ensues. His hands creeping around her neck.

If bein' afraid is a crime, we hang side by side.

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The Survivor (Ep97)

Jessica becomes an inadvertent target when she starts dating an undercover cop.

Returning home from a delicious dinner date at Dixon's Diner, she enters her house and immediately begins to undress. The humidity in Cabot Cove is unbearable. Jessica takes off her flesh coloured pantyhose and steps outside on her back balcony, hoping for a breeze to caress her naked skin. Italodisco streams from an internet radio broadcast and she begins to slow dance in the moonlight. Jessica doesn't notice that she's being secretly watched by her new neighbours... and her soon-to-be assailants.

We are waiting for you and soon you'll be back again.

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Coco Buns & Carnage (Ep96)

Jessica's vacation at a Caribbean resort is not solely for pleasure, but to investigate a friend's murder. She meets a liar AND a teef who ducks out when it's time to pay for the lobster dinner.

But at least she gets some mean vacation braids.

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Powder Keg (Ep.95)

Special olde-west-cast by Jen Recknagel.

Jessica emerges from a fallout shelter in the year 1950, at the age of 19 to search for her missing father. She embarks on a long journey through the Capital Wasteland—encountering dangerous mutants, drinking radioactive water, and solving a murder or two wherever she goes.

Remember to use a Pattern of Survival.

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Lady of the Lake (Ep. 94)

Special Haunting Guest-cast from talented artist Maryanne Casasanta!

While spending time at a lake, Jessica dreams that she sees a woman off into the distance in the water struggling to come to surface.

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